Bank Holiday day out

I never used to appreciate Bank Holidays. When you’re at uni, everyday without a lecture is a bank holiday, right?

This four day weekend though has been the mini vacation I’ve been I’ve been desperately needing. It’s been filled with baking, chocolate, shopping, and today, an afternoon trip to Stamford.

The day started great with the following announcement on the train “Now arriving at Oakham, Rutland, the earthquake capital of the UK as of the last few days.”. A very British like collective laugh filled the train. Everyone loves a good train joke.

Stamford is a beautiful old town filled with boutique shops and delicious restaurants. 

After hearing rave reviews about it we went to The Cosy Club. It’s located in an old postal office and has high ceilings and multiple levels. The walls are covered in a variety of paintings, mirrors and frames and the mismatched furniture gives the place a very whimsical and welcoming feel. It was really busy. We had to put our names down for a table and then wait half an hour. We chose to sit outside a little cafe called Bean, just round the corner, where I had a very refreshing raspberry iced tea and we watched the world go by.

Back in Cosy Club, the extensive menu made it hard to choose! In the end, we went for tapas and cocktails.

I chose hummus, pulled pork and chorizo whilst my friend had the crispy potatoes and cheese, the fish fingers and the ham hock. While we waited there was a slight fear it wouldn’t be enough. We’d worked up one hell of an appetite walking round all the shops! We needn’t have worried though, the portions were huge and there was even some left over! All of it went down rather nicely with my Jamboree Daiquiri – blackberry jam & Frobisher bumbleberry juice laced with Pampero Blanco rum and lime. There are cosy clubs scattered across Uk, so check out their website to see if there is one near you, I highly recommend! 

As we walked back to the train station through the park in the brilliant sunshine, a british classic, the Flake 99, just couldn’t be resisted!


I hope everyone else had a great bank holiday Easter Monday!! 


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