My first gluten free bake!


If you weren’t aware that ‘gluten free’ was the latest buzz word, then seriously, have you been living under a rock?! Everywhere you turn, newspapers, supermarkets, pinterest, health blogs, gluten free is the only thing to be.

I love a trend, and having been plagued with digestive trouble for months, I have decided to try cutting down my gluten intake to see if it makes a difference. Trouble is, I LOVE cakes, biscuits and all things dessert. Key ingredient to all of these? Yep, Gluten.

So when I saw on twitter about the new book by model Daisy Lowe called Sweetness and light, which was filled with 60 gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free recipes, I immediately had to have my own copy. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. It is a beautiful book. The cover is padded and lovely to touch, the pages are filled with glossy photos of mouth wateringly delicious looking cakes, cookies, puddings and even breakfast treats, including so amazing snaps of Daisy herself.

The first recipe I tried over the weekend was the ginger and apricot cake – although I decided to use apple instead of apricot out of preference.

Some of the ingredients were a bit unfamiliar to me, such as the ground almonds (used instead of flour) and the agave syrup (which comes from the same plant as tequila don’t ya know). When all the ingredients were combined, the ground almonds gave the mixture a weird texture and made me slightly nervous but I put my faith in Daisy and shoved it in the oven for 40mins.

Pretty soon the kitchen was smelling delicious and when it came to taking the cake out the oven, it looked pretty damn good (minus one side being slightly more done than the other, oops). It also tasted great – the ginger was sharp and the apple kept it really moist. It went down a real treat at work too! One person even had seconds!


I can’t wait to try out more recipes from the book. My eye is a rather delightful looking one for muffins! I’ll keep you posted!

gluten free cake from Sweetness and Light book


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