Glitter lips

So this time last week I was in a field, getting a henna tattoo and listening to amazing music at V Festival. If you haven’t been to V Fest, especially the one in Staffordshire, the fashion and beauty stakes are high! Festivals are great for experimenting with your look and trying something new and last weekend I decided to try out a great new product I stumbled across online called Glitter Lips.

glitter lips


Not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool wearing my dazzling Ruby Slippers lips, the compliments were flying! So much so that an hour after applying, my bestie was so jealous she dragged me to a mirror so she could also apply.

Glitter lips are super easy to apply. First you apply the glue, which is like applying lip gloss.You let it air dry for a few seconds till it gets sticky and then use the sponge applicator to press the glitter onto the glue. It sicks instantly. Two layers of glitter later and I was ready to rock! It didn’t budge all day despite all the cider and cheesy chips we inhaled  – 100% festival friendly!

Glitter lips comes in seven shades and I definitely think I’ll be stocking up on a few extra shades come the christmas party season!  


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