Christmas at the Hummingbird Bakery

Now, I know it’s only November but as there seems to have been a Christmas explosion this week, I’m sure you can forgive me!

For a few years now I have been OBSESSED with the Hummingbird Bakery, a chain of American style bakeries dotted across London. Ever since I got one of their books for Christmas and saw a recipe for toffee popcorn cupcakes, I knew they were the one for me.

And at Christmas they pull out all the stops – just take a look!

They look almost too pretty to eat…almost! You’ve got classic vanilla, gingerbread and christmas pudding to name but a few.

I saved the best till last though and brought it home with me like a true cupcake addict.

Any guesses as to the flavour? The red and white swirls are a dead give away…Candy Cane of course! The peppermint and cupcake combination is so weird, yet oh so good. It leaves a cool, tingling sensation in your mouth long after you’ve finished eating. If you’re passing a store, you definitely need to pop in and get this festive treat to get you in the holiday mood!



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