Happy New Year!

Is anyone else freaking out slightly that it’s actually 2015?! No? Just me? Eek!

Without getting all emotional, 2014 was not my year. I feel like there were more lows then highs and I really only have myself to blame. So, I am determined that 2015 is going to be better and to ensure it happens, I am making the following resolutions:

1. Have more adventures – I have told everyone who will listen that I want to do a year in Australia. My mind is set on an August departure date…I just need to pluck up the courage to buy a ticket first!

2. Be happier – I spent most of last year feeling sorry for myself and I’ve decided that enough is enough. I am literally wasting my life and it’s time to get a grip and do what makes me happy.

3. Run 10k – last year my goal was to run 5k and I did it! Since then I have struggled to make it much further but I am determined to push myself this year to reach my goal.

4. Blog more – I am terrible at writing blog posts even though I really enjoy it when I actually get round to it. My target is once a week. Hopefully I can think of enough interesting things to write about.

Now that these are all in writing, I really have no excuse not to keep them. Wish me luck people!




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