I’m going to Australia!

So, big news everybody…I am officially going to live in Australia for a year!

Yes that’s right, I have thrown caution to the wind and put a deposit down for my Australian adventure which should hopefully begin in exactly 7 months today!

My new year’s resolutions were to be happier in life and to travel, something I have constantly regretted not doing when all my friends have jetted off to exotic locations and I’ve remained stuck in rural country life.

Naturally all the usual fears were holding me back.

What if don’t make any friends?

What if I can’t find a job?

What if I get eaten by a shark or a giant crocodile?

Y’know, the usual stuff…

I’ve done my research, and I’ve decided to go with a company that arranges group flights out to Oz with a stop off in Hong Kong for three days before hand. Hopefully I’ll make at least one friend this way before I’ve even arrived down under…hopefully!

Is anybody else planning any big travelling holidays? Or already been and have any tips? Let me know!



One comment

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