I’m tumblr famous now

OK so maybe a slight exaggeration…ok big exaggeration BUT yesterday I posted this picture to my tumblr

Neon bar sign


It was taken at Motel bar in Liverpool, where I had some very delicious strawberry daiquiris with the girls surrounded by some of the coolest looking people I think I’ve ever seen.

Within an hour my ipad was lighting up every couple of minutes with tumblr notifications saying my post was being liked and reblogged. And this went on all day and night!

This has never happened with any of my other posts. As much as I try I just don’t get tumblr and I think the most reblogs I’ve gotten is like three!

At last count (not that I’ve been checking…honest) it has 93 reblogs.

BRB guys. I’m just going to take a moment to get used to my new found fame


P.s. follow me on my tumblrs: rolosays and overjoyed-life


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