Latest obsession – Kanken bags!

Peach pink kanken bagWhen I first heard about Kanken bags I was very unimpressed by them. A friend told me they were the latest it bag to be seen around London with and so I immediately dismissed them as ridiculous and ugly.

One thing you need to know about me – if something is a “must-have” then sooner or later, I simply MUST HAVE IT and the Kanken was no exception. I started seeing them everywhere; in all the shops and on the back of every girl I walked past. It was after my recent trip to Barcelona that I decided if I didn’t have one to myself, life simply wasn’t worth living (yes, I know, very OTT).

So I searched the internet, looking for the best place to get my hands on one, and I discovered They have every bag in every colour and if the one you desire is out of stock, like mine was, they email you when it becomes available.

With free delivery and a 15% discount currently available, I am seriously considering adding to my collection!

Anybody else loving Kankens? What colours do you have? Let me know!



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