Excuses I use not to exercise


OK so recently I have been convinced by my so called “friends” to sign up for a 10K race. I know it was one of my New Year’s resolutions to run 10K but now I ACTUALLY have to do it which is terrifying! It also means I have to go to the gym a lot and train because shockingly you can’t just run it. It’s actually kind of far and hard if you’re as unfit as I am.

So now that I have a schedule to gym at least three times a week in a desperate attempt to reach the target distance of 6 MILES, I have become very skilled at finding excuses to basically not go or work as hard as I should. Here are some of my favourites with a few Mindy Kaling gifs thrown in too..

1. I didn’t sleep very well the night before so I’m actually really tired. I should probably rest up and try again tomorrow (no chance)

The Mindy project exercise gif

2. That massive lunch I had to give me all the energy has actually made me feel a bit sick so it’s probably best I don’t actually run in case I throw up all over the treadmill…nobody wants to see that

3. There are no spaces in the gym at the car park and even though I could park further up the road, that is just crazy talk so I should really just go home

4. There are too many “youths” here doing annoying/distracting things like trying to run at full speed and incline. No one can focus in these conditions.

5. I haven’t used the weights in a while so I should only do a few reps. Don’t want to injure myself

6. The creepy gym guy is definitely laughing at my terrible weights movements I saw on pinterest. Time to go home and hide my shame

7. My ipod battery is dead and, even though I have music on my phone, its just not as good so I guess I cannot work out today

8. I forgot my water bottle and we all know water is ESSENTIAL for working out guys. Best not risk severe dehydration.

The Mindy Project exercise gif

Please tell me I’m not the only one who uses such weak excuses to avoid exercise!

Share yours – I definitely need some new ones!




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