Australia beauty list

My year long trip to Australia is fast approaching, 3 months to be exact (eeeeekkkk!!!)

And now that I have finally saved up enough money, my mind can now focus on all things I’m going to need to buy and top of that list is all things beauty!

It’s going to be hot hot hot, with plenty of days spent by the beach. Space is also not a luxury when you’re trying to pack for a whole year away, so I’m going to need to choose my beauty items carefully. So, here are just some of the things I will be packing when I head down under – I’m sure there will be a few more items that’ll sneak their way in!


1. Eyeko Sport waterproof Mascara – £18

Perfect for days spent at the beach, this mascara is 100% waterproof and lasts for 24 hours

2. Nars Pure Radient Tinted Moisturiser – £29

The SPF 30 added to this moisturiser will be a life saver and in the 30 degree + heat, you don’t want to be weighed down with a heavy foundation.

3. Nars Laguna Bronzer – £27

I purchased this bronzer a couple of weeks ago and I’m saving it for when I go away, which believe me, is not easy! The matte bronze colour is perfect for enhancing my natural tan!

4. EOS lip balm – £4.99

I am OBSESSED with EOS lip spheres. They are so creamy and leave my lips ultra hydrated which is perfect as I can never stop chewing them (I know, so gross)

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette- £39

Again, this is another product I am obsessed with and something I cannot go to Australia without. An eyeshadow palette is perfect for long term travel as it takes up a lot less space than individuals.

6. Benefit Gimmie Brow eyebrow gel – £18 (not pictured)

I’m going to be rocking a no make up make up look whilst I’m traveling but that doesn’t mean my eyebrows need to be neglected. This eyebrow gel is long lasting, light weight and quick to apply – perfect!

7. Benefit Roller Lash mascara £18.50

Eyelash curlers too bulky and I hardly ever use them so these will be left at home. This means I need a mascara that does all the curl work for me – hello Roller Lash!

8. Eyeko Eye Do waterproof liquid eyeliner – £15

In the heat of summer I’m going to need an eyeliner with some staying power. I’ve used Eyeko’s Eye Do liquid eyeliner during a sweaty gym sesh and it hasn’t budged so I know it can withstand the Aussie heat.

9. Mac Lady Danger lipstick – £15

No girl should be without a red lipstick and Lady Danger is my go to shade.

10.  Benefit Watt’s Up – £24.50

I’ve already raved about this highlighter here -it’s the perfect shade to enhance my Aussie tan!

If anybody has any beauty suggestions, I’d love to hear them!



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