Review: Nails Inc NailKale Polish

Bank holiday Monday is always a great day for shopping and it’s even better when payday has come early! With a long list of all the things I’ve been dying to buy now I am no longer saving every penny for my Australia trip I headed out for a bit of well needed retail therapy.

I don’t know about you, but when someone asks me in a department store if I want to try something, I usually say no because it’s never anything good, but when the girl over at Nails Inc asked if wanted to try their new nail varnish with kale, I immediately said yes. Nails inc nail kale polish

Kale? In a nail polish? Yes, I was immediately confused by the ridiculousness of it too. I know kale is suddenly the veg to be seen with bit surely putting it in a nail polish is a bit much?

Apparently though, kale is very good for flaky, weak nails which is something I suffer with menacing a manicure never lasts more than a few days before it chips. The NailKale base coat could be the answer to all of my problems.

Then of course the assistant told me of the special promotion they currently had – if you buy two nail polishes, you get a free gift – a set of mini polishes in their new summer colours. Ohhhh go on then I said to her as I jumped up to browse all the different colours.

I chose one of their The New White colours, because I’ve always wanted a white nail varnish but feared I was too pale to pull it off. The one I bought though is slightly pink and looks great on.  I can’t wait to try on the free polishes too – they look so cute!




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