Benefit eyebrow wax and tint

Last night I finally achieved one of my ultimate beauty goals, to get a Benefit eyebrow wax and tint.

Writing it down actually makes it sound really lame, but I have been obsessed with Benefit since I was 12 years old. They are ultimate eyebrow brand and so I have always wanted to get my eyebrows done in their Brow bar. Annoyingly, the nearest one is half an hour from me and I could never get an appointment. Until last night that is! After a super intense gym class, I drove all the way to Leicester for my 7:10pm appointment, in full sweaty gym gear, so I was looking pretty damn awful when I arrived!

Here are my brows before. It has been killing my not to pluck them, I have spared you a close of the hideous monobrow situation I have been rocking for the last week!


As you can see, they’re an ok shape but I am after a killer arch and for them to look more defined and filled in.

I arrived at the Benefit counter and was greeted by their lovely brow waxer, who sat me down, asked me what I wanted and talked me through the process. I had to sign a form just to say I understood the risks of waxing and then she got to work.

We started with the tint. My eyebrows were slathered in a dark dye which made them like giant slimy slugs and I was so happy it was late at night and that there weren’t hundreds of shoppers milling around seeing me looking less than pretty.

After a few minutes, the dye was removed and then she got to work waxing them. I told her that I often get red, angry spots of my skin after waxing so once shad had finished, she covered the area in the Benefit Boo Boo Zap gel, their spot gel, and said that should help prevent them. My eyebrows looked amazing, albeit very red, so for now, all that was left was a mad dash through the shopping centre back to the car, hoping nobody could see me looking so ridiculous.

And this morning, I woke up to these beauties!

They are maybe a little darker than I would have liked, considering I have very light blonde hair, but they look so much fuller and thicker and the shape is just amazing! They arch looks great and the Boo Boo Zap gel worked, no red angry spots this morning! I am going to keep applying my own Kiehl’s spot treatment throughout the day to make sure nothing crops up.


Brow Wax: £10.50

Brow tint: £12.50




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