Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch: Review

Goooooood morning beauties! I received a lovely surprise in the post yesterday after I returned home from my long weekend in Liverpool. I had ordered the Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara after seeing on twitter they had 20% because I just cannot resist a bargain and was pleasantly surprised to see a sample of their Hydrogel Eye Patches in the parcel as well.

I’d seen this online and been curious about them but thought they were a little bit too pricey to just buy on a whim. After a long weekend with very little sleep though, I was in desperate need of a little TLC, especially the massive bags under my eyes. The hydrogel patches couldn’t have come at a more perfect time really.

eyeko hyrdogel patches

Here are the details via the eyeko website:

Our botanically infused eye patches instantly brighten and revive eyes for a wide-awake look. Concentrated anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients treat the delicate eye area visibly diminishing dark shadows and puffiness, leaving skin hydrated and firm. Instantly illuminate and hydrate! Our invisible pure hydrogel patches adhere directly to skin to cool and comfort on contact revitalising tired eyes in just 20 minutes.


– NIACINAMIDE (Vitamin B3) to brighten and nourish

– COLLAGEN to plump and hydrate

– FRUIT EXTRACTS to smooth and refine

– TIGER LILY to tighten and firm

Perfect for travel; late nights; morning after; pre-party pick-up; tired eyes; jet lagged eyes.

I settled down with a cup of tea,  but on the Obama meets Attenborough interview (very high brow over here) and opened the package.

I was a little bit confused trying to distinguish the gel patch from the paper backing as there weren’t any clear instructions on the packaging. The gel patches were obviously a bit sticky it was tricky to get the paper off so I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to leave one side on? The two patches were also stuck together so were a little tricky to pull apart.

I am blaming my rather sleepy state the struggle and eventually got there.

The patches felt so nice and cool! The packaging said to keep gently pressing the patches onto the skin so all the goodness would be absorbed more easily and to leave them on for half an hour.  The patches are also nearly invisible so you don’t have to worry about looking really dumb whilst they’re on.


(Ignore how hideous I look – it was a longggg weekend!)

I left them on a little bit longer because they just felt soooo nice and when I did remove them, my under eye skin felt so nice and soft and my eyes felt more awake.

Would I buy them again? I’m not really sure. They definitely did what they said they would but they are really pricey.

For £15 you get 4 sets.  I’d be too scared of wasting them and would want to only save them for emergencies I think. I would maybe buy them for my upcoming trip to Australia though – anything that can help deal with jet lag will be a god send for sure!

Has anybody else used these? I’d love to know what you thought!



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