Surf Camp

So, last week I ticking a major Australian dream off my bucket list: learning to surf. What better place to learn than down under, right?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The life style is so fit and healthy and relaxed, and lets be honest, the guys are pretty hot too!

A load of my new friends and I booked 5 days surfing with Rip Curl’s Surf Camp Australia. It’s located 2 hours south of Sydney in the holiday town of Gerroa. We were being picked up from our hostel bright and early on the Monday and then dropped back off Friday night. We were SO excited, until we checked the weather that is…turns out there was the remains of a cyclone in the area wanting to ruin our fun. 

Of course like the true Brits we are, we wiggled into our wetsuits, and headed out into the wind and rain, after all, this was like a beautiful summers day back home…

Unfortunately on the second day, the weather was too bad and we had to be shipped off to the local pub to stay war and dry…it’s a hard life.

Over the next few days though, the weather got better and so did the surfing. By the end of the second full day of lessons, I was standing up on the board and after the third I was able to do a few simple tricks. Basically guys, I am now a pro.

The evenings were pretty chill too. We sat outside, eating BBQ dinner and drinking and chatting all night long. If the weather had been a little nicer, we could have partied down on the beach but I guess that’s the risk you take going to Surf Camp in winter!

Here’s some pics of the week

This week it’s all about finding places to stay and jobs. Real life down under is about to begin. EEK! 



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