Review: Eyeko Waterproof Sports Mascara

Now, one of the important things I considered before moving to Australia (among other things of course) was waterproof mascara. Naturally I will be spending plenty of time at the beach, catching waves now I am a pro surfer, or paddle boarding, or generally just acting like an extra off of Baywatch. All of these things mean a lot of close contact with water and without the right make up, your face will soon be sliding off – not hot. 

My eyes can be very sensitive to waterproof mascaras. A lot of formulas can leave them feeling very itchy and I’ll spend most of the day scratching at my eyes, leaving them all red and with bits of black everywhere. 


I’ve used some of Eyeko’s other mascaras and have been very impressed with them, so when I saw on twitter that they had 20% off of everything I immediately had to buy there waterproof one. Delivery was also free. I love a bargain!

It got it’s first proper debut last week two weeks ago at Surf Camp. There were hot guys EVERYWHERE. Mascara was needed to keep me looking pretty even when I resembled a drown rat, after all, a drowned rat with nice eyes is better than nothing!

So, how did it fare? 

First off, it had no horrible smell which waterproof mascaras tend to have. The formula is also fiber enhanced so your lashes look extra lushes. 

The brush was a little tricky to use. It’s curved and is flat on the top and the bottom so it took some getting used to. It took me a while to apply enough to get a good curl going, but once I had it looked good.  

Obviously though, all of that means nothing if after 4 hours of surfing I emerged from the water looking more Panda than Pamela Anderson…

This mascara was not budging. So much so that i wasn’t too sure how to get it off at the end of the day because I didn’t have anything strong enough! To me, that is the sign of an excellent waterproof mascara!



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